Sunday, December 28, 2008

Leisure World

I was planning on a double trip to Kithulgala and Sinharaja with Devinda on this weekend but had to stay back at home since my sis had to go through some medical check, but all that went without any trouble and I was fully free on the weekend, however others has already gone on that trip so I was bored at home the entire day Saturday. Suddenly my sis popped up and said shall we go to Leisure World tomorrow, I was going to say no but since I don’t have any special work I said yes.

We check the packages available at Leisure World from their web site and it was quite reasonably priced. Sunday (28th December) morning we went to pick up a friend of my sis and we went to Leisure World, at first sight it looked like a kiddies park and there was a big queue to buy the tickets. When I went to get the tickets I realized that there was lot more adults than kids. Bought the tickets and first we went to the water area, there were few thrilling games but the pool was over crowded :(. Spent about 2-3 hours in the water area and we went for lunch and then to the other games. There was few exiting stuff there too. Altogether there was around 10 games (excluding water area) but not all were good.

With the price (which was around 1200 rupees per head) I would say its worth for the price. Guys, if you haven’t been to Leisure World, this is a place that you should consider going to :)

More Info :

Friday, December 19, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

I got this phone call from Udara on a Saturday asking for some help for designing a Poster, then i asked what type of a poster and he explained me the thing. Udara, Dinendre and Kalana were organizing a major party; the theme was "Viva Las Vegas". I went to Dinendre's place and we were deciding on the poster and all. There was another party which was supposed to held at the same day at Zetters so i asked Udara and Dinendre why they chose 18th and I said we will not get all the party animals to our party at that day. However things didn't change as they have booked the club already.

Viva Las Vegas poster

So it was the 18th December, i finished my work and quickly headed to Tramps. Things were all set for the party. By 10pm the crowd started to come in and as it was as "VEGAS" there were a lot of things that I can’t write on a public blog. The party went well but too bad for me and the other organizers we missed lot of fun because we had to deal with many things :(

I don't even have a single photo of the event, the only media file i have in my phone is one video (which is very short)

Viva Las "VEGAS" Video

I missed the Zetter party too and in the morning i was really tired, but what to do i had to go to work on Friday :(

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Old Boys get together at Waters Edge

It’s been a long time since i met my old friends; finally on the 13th December there was an Old Boys get together at Waters Edge. Me and Dinuka were sending invitations to lot of people through Facebook asking them to attend this event and lot of them turned up surprisingly :)

The get together was amazing, had loads of fun. I never thought we'd have this much fun but it was just superb.

And also... probably this is the Last party at Waters Edge that I’m attending :(. I'm really worried that Waters Edge will be taken over by the Government. Trust me this is like the best thing that has happened to Battaramulla so far. I'm a big fan of our dearest Chief Justice but not on this decision.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

TNL OnStage 2008 - Finals

This year OnStage finals was superb, I honestly didn’t expect that much from the event. I was over thrilled by the performance of most of the bands especially ‘Nemisis’, ‘Ethereal’, ‘Love Me Dead’ and the soloists like ‘Rajitha’, ‘Dee’ and others; they were really good. But most importantly it was ‘CivilizationOne’ what the people were waiting for. And they ROCK !!

I missed the preliminaries and the semi's but glad i attended the Finals. I loved ‘Ethereal’ playing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and ‘Nemisis’ playing ‘Nadee Ganga’.

The TNL OnStage band category winners were ‘Nemisis’ while the solo category was won by ‘Indumini’.

More info : TNL OnStage, TNL Rocks,

Hike to Handun Ella

Ranga was telling me about this place at Kithulgala where they have some estate type of property, in his blog he has posted many pictures of eye-catching waterfalls and stuff. We were planning on this trip to Kithulgala for quite some time; finally we made a decision to go there on 29th November, but I was planning to attend TNL OnStage finals on that evening, so we planned the trip to be back in Colombo by 7pm.

We started the trip early as 6.30am, I picked up Lahiru, Dilina and Dharshana on the way to Ranga’s place. Parked the car at his place and all of us got into his van and we were on our way to Kithulgala. About one hour later we stopped at this hotel called ‘Weerasiri’ at Puwakpitiya for breakfast and there was this buffet for only 120 bucks. Now folks, that’s a quite decent place to have the breakfast for a good price. Without wasting much time there we continued our journey again. By the time we arrived at Kithulgala it was almost 10am. Got down from the van and the guys were ready to roll :). Ranga told us there is a footpath through the jungle which leads to this waterfall, since it was raining time-to-time, there would be loads of leeches on that route, to avoid all that trouble we decided to go with the water stream which leads to up to the waterfall. The route was very long but it was just AMAZING.

(Going through the water stream)

After about one hour we were near one of the small type of waterfall, as we couldn’t continue going though the water stream anymore we stopped there for a while and had some snacks.

(Having a snack and finally reaching the 'Handun Ella' waterfall)

Then the bad part; we had to take the jungle route to go to the waterfall from that point :( and yes there were dozens of leeches waiting for us on the way. Quickly all of us went through the jungle footpath and we were at the waterfall removing all the blood suckers from our bodies. After that we jumped in to the water and it was good fun. The waterfall was amazing and there was a little cave kinda place which we could swim and go. The whole thing was superb and the reason why it’s still not polluted is; there is no easy way to reach the place.

After spending some time in the water we were hungry and came back for lunch. This time we had to take the jungle route :( yup it’s the leeches and it was raining too :( Just after having lunch we were on our way back to Colombo. Everything except the rain and leeches was great.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mafia at Sigiriya & Dambulla

We have talked much about going to Sigiriya but we couldn’t go there since me and Udara were busy. Natty was a bit upset about not taking her to Sigiriya and finally Udara and I agreed to take her there. The day we chose was Saturday the 15th November. Initially we were planning to stay the entire weekend and I was going to make a booking at Cinnamon Lodge but later I was informed that I have to be in Colombo by 10am on Sunday so we changed our plans to a one day trip. On Friday the 14th November, Udara and I discussed the time we should leave and we agreed on leaving Colombo by 4.30am, the next thing Udara told me was that he is going out on that night and I told him not to get late since we had to wake up early. Natty also told me that she is also going out and what the hell I also went out ;).

I managed to come back home by 1.30am and as I stepped in to my place I saw a text message from Udara saying “Call me at 4.30!” I went to take a nap but something was bothering in my head so didn’t sleep at all. Around 2.30 I got a text message, this time it was Natty, she was saying that she is going to D’s from Sugar, yeah whatever!

Called Udara and woke him up at 4.30, then directly called Natty and it was the time she got to her place, GREAT! Somehow Myself and Udara went to Natty’s place by 5am and we were on our way to Sigiriya by 5.15am. When we reached Ambeypussa we were hungry and we stopped there had the breakfast buffet for a decent price. By the time we arrived at Sigiriya it was around 8.30am.

Right at the entrance of Sigiriya there was a wired guy who turned out to be some tour guide, and we asked him about the price of tickets for foreigners, and the price for them was 2700 bucks where as for me and Udara it was just 40 bucks each. No wonder why Sigiriya is called the 8th wonder of the world…! Udara tried to play his little trick to get Natty a ticket of 40 bucks but it got failed, so there goes 2700 bucks :(. There isn’t much to see at Sigiriya apart from some paintings.

(Sigiriya paintings)

(Sigiriya paintings)

By 1.00pm we got down from Sigiriya and we headed to “Vil Uyana”, now this place is truly awesome..!

(Vil Uyana - The Entrance)

(Vil Uyana - The pool)

(Vil Uyana - A place to chill)

After having lunch at “Vil Uyana” we went to Dambulla Temple, and there is the 9th wonder of the world, they charge 1100 bucks as the ticket price for foreigners, and for locals it’s free. Where else on earth would they issue a ticket to see a damn temple?? I think this whole thing is a bloody MAFIA

Monday, November 3, 2008

2008 Formula 1 finals

Well it was thrilling till the last movement. I was hoping that the history would not repeat this time for Hamilton. My heart stopped at the final lap when Vettel overtook Hamilton, but thanks to Gloak and Team Toyota for their stupid decision, my heart started functioning again.

(Lewis Hamilton, the champion of the 2008 Formula One season)

I love Ferrari but in this particular season I’m a little more Hamilton Fan :) (Come on you have to pick a side rite?). It’s no doubt that all Formula 1 fans have felt the excitement of yesterday’s race. And before I go any further respect all the other drivers and teams.

Now this is what Nadike had to write on my Facebook wall..

"F1 F1 F1
F1 rocks the world
well not as much as football
but still it rocks the world

Massa Massa Massa
he is the world champion
well not in the stupid records
but in peoples' hearts
Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton
boy almost screwed it up boy needed his mummy
when Sebastian Vettel overtook him
in last minute of the game

Champion champion champion
boy made it somehow
Massa entered to the flag as the champion
and left as the runner up
how the hell Lewis did it?
well he did nothing
unless Toyota and their stupid driver Timo Glock
and also his stupid dry tires,
Massa would be the champion
champion champion champion.

F1 F1 F1
Massa Massa Massa
Ferrari Ferrari Ferrari
Rocking Rocking Rocking"

Ok, I know that there is “some” truth in it, but here goes my comments.
  • “not as much as football" - Get a life dude.
  • “not in the stupid records” - Now that’s what mater because just refresh your memory on the 2007 Formula 1 season.
  • “almost” - That word almost, its either you win or its nothing; No almost!!
  • “when Sebastian Vettel overtook him” - Even I felt butterflies in my stomach to be honest, but didn’t you see how Massa cried at the end? Oh I forgot he covered his face :D
  • "Massa entered to the flag as the champion" - Respect but, its like winning a battle but losing the war.
  • “how the hell Lewis did it?” - That’s not even a question, check how Massa got in to 2nd position and how Kimi swept back to 3rd in Shanghai. Oops…
  • “also his stupid dry tires” - Decisions made by Toyota are not what Hamilton or Massa could control.
  • “Massa would be the champion” - Again refresh your memory on last Formula 1 finals.
  • “Massa Massa Massa” - Conclusion: Massa is good but Hamilton is a little better.
Now Massa/Ferrari fans please accept the defeat and don’t tell me that Ferrari won the Constructors championship, that ain’t news for me.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A different Halloween

We were planning on going to Shine for some Halloween party which Udara told me, Thursday morning he called me and said we'll go to Natty's place by 8pm Friday, what 8pm??? isn't is too early? I asked him, he said we'll be celebrating Dinendre's birthday also so he thought it would not be that early.

Finished my work and came home went to take a hair cut, had a shower and saw about 2 or 3 missed calls from Udara and Dinendre. I called both of them and told that I’ll pick them by 7.45 ish. Then Dinendre called me up once again and said that he'll be going to Natty's place directly and he asked me to pick Udara and come there. So, I picked up Udara and one of his friends and on our way to Natty's place we stopped at Pillawoos and bought Cheese Chicken Kottu.

Finally we arrived at Natty’s place around 8.30pm, soon Dinendre and others joined us there. And we started the party (well this meant to be the warm up kinda thing) what a surprise 2 of our people were in deep trouble even before the midnight.. Damn…!! (I do not wish to go into detail here as this is opened to the public, use your own imagination to get a picture of what I’m saying)

Yes, the Halloween began when the owners of the Natty’s apartment came, and they kinda asked us to leave the place :(. We somehow managed to stay quiet and hanged there till about 2 in the morning. We left the apartment around that time and I headed home to bring some “stuff”, during that time Wehitha and others has gone to Shine and we were also on our way there, soon we figured out that the party is almost over. Went to Pillawoos had the usual Ice Milo and went to Wellawatta beach and stayed there for about another 2 hours and came back to Natty’s place because we had some “cleaning stuff” to do. Ya I know that’s one wired Halloween.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The neighbors that we never hanged out with

It was Friday (10th October) Udara called me and said there is some rowing competition on Saturday, since i didn't have any plans i thought of going there. Saturday morning my sis asked me whether i could drop her at the rowing club and i said that i'm also going there around 4pm. What Udara told me the other day turned out to be a rowing competition where my sisters was planning on going.

Me, Udara. Natty, my sister and her friend went there and it was quite boring for us but all the school people seemed to enjoy a lot. After some time my neighbors showed up. Now, me and Udara are neighbors and we know each other for about 20 years, but these kids we knew that they are always there but we never hanged out with them. Had a little chat and they seems to be nice :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Monsoon Fashion Show and After Party

The “Monsoon Fashion Show” was held at CASA Colombo on 4th October 2008, we went there around 9.30 or 10.00pm so we have missed a lot from the Fashion Show; however we weren't there to see the Fashion show. It's the after party that we all were targeting (btw the models were great as usual)

At CASA I met my good old friend Maneesh, I went to his place on Friday (3rd October) and told him about the happenings and he said he might come. Around 10.30pm the Fashion Show got ended and we all were waiting for the Party but what a surprise all the people were leaving the place one by one. Me, Dinendre and Natty waited till Udara comes. At this time I called Maneesh and asked what he is doing, he said that he already left CASA and heading to Zanziba or somewhere else. Dinendre also suggested that we go to Zanziba once Udara comes. But before Udara, Sandun and Damien joined us at CASA. Udara called me and I told him not to come inside as we are leaving, but he came inside and hanged there for around 30 minutes. While we were planning to go to Zanziba, Sandun popped in the middle and said that he heard people saying that all are going to Sugar and asked us whether we all go there and we were all ok with it.

We went to Sugar around 11.30pm and by the time we got in the place was almost empty but all the tables were reserved. We ignored the reserved signs and sat and started chillin :). Lot of people came in after we went there and it was quite happening after that. But what a surprise we had to leave the place for some stupid reason.

We went to Zanziba around 1.00am and as usual it was over crowded but the good thing there is that’s where all the young people gather. We chilled till 3 or 4 in the morning and then Me, Udara, Dinendre and Natty left the place just before another fight is about to happen: D

Monday, September 22, 2008

4 days of good fun

It all started on Thursday (18th September), Udara called me and asked what’s happening? I said there is nothing much and he said if you are free lets go somewhere, and I was in. So Udara and Natty came to pick me up from my place, I got in to the car and on our way I asked where we are going to? He replied saying that he wanted to take Natty to Kelaniya temple but I suggested that we go to Mount beach. Then we decided to go to Kelaniya temple first and go to Mount.

I don’t remember whether I have been to Kelaniya temple before (anyway I don’t like temples :D). Truly there isn't much to see there, we only stayed there for about 20-30 minutes and we were on our way back. Since Mount seems a bit far we thought of stopping at Hilton, went to Curry Leaf but the only option we had was the buffet. And then we went to Sea Spray at Galle Face Hotel, again the only option there was the buffet. Then we switched to 'Watch the Sun Set' at Galle Face Hotel and all of us had club sandwiches. After that Udara asked me whether is everything ready for the Kandy trip this weekend, i have totally forgotten about it but as i have promised earlier I said things are ok with that. We left the place around 11pm on that night.

On Friday again, Udara called me and asked what’s happening I gave the same answer as the previous day. And he said lets go out, and being the guy who is ready always, I said ok for that as well. Went to Natty's place stayed there till the midnight with some friends of Udara and we went to Blue Elephant at Hilton. The DJ and the crowed was not the best, but yeah we had to stay till 3 in the morning. And then we came home because we had to go to Kandy. Didn't sleep at that night and I called Udara around 7.30am, we started the journey around 9.30am. By the time we reached Kandy it was lunch time. We stopped at Dine More and had lunch and went to Udara's house at Kandy. Slept there for more than 3 hours and then we went to the 'Dalada Maligawa'(Temple of Tooth) and after that we enjoyed the evening view by the Kandy Lake.

(Kandy Lake view)

We went back to Udara's place and we were listening to some good old music. It was very much relaxing, and then again we went to Kandy town to have the Dinner. We were looking for an Indian restaurant but there wasn't a good place around so we ended up going to KFC.

(Elephant bath at Pinnawala)

On Sunday morning we were up early and we headed to Pinnawala because Natty wanted to see the Elephants :D. There was nothing much with the elephant bath but there was an Herbal Garden and the products that they showed us were impressive. We came back to Colombo safely and picked up lunch packs from ‘Hijra’ (next to ‘Pillawoos’) and had it at Natty's apartment.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A totally unplanned trip ended up really well..

I was planning to go to the “Leisure World” with some friends from work but Friday night it got cancelled because couple of people was sick. And then I called up Udara to see what’s happening and he said lets go Down South.. and it happened.

After that phone call I received a text message from him saying there are some more people joining and he has made some arrangements and he said that he'll call me in the morning as he is going out on that night.

Saturday morning I wake up around 9am and Udara called up and said all the others are in really bad condition so we'll go with his Colombian friend Nathalia. I went to pick them up from her apartment and we headed towards Galle.

We had no plan what so ever till I asked Udara where are we exactly going to. Then he said we’ll go to Unawatuna beach, and I also suggested going on a boat ride on the “Madu Ganga” and all of us was ok with that plan. All 3 of us hasn’t had breakfast so we stopped somewhere after Panadura to take a snack. The things were on display wasn’t very impressive but we ordered a plate of short eats. Had a bite and it was superb, fresh and warm.

After having the breakfast we stopped at Kalutara temple because Natty said she wanted to go inside and see what’s in there. Parked my car near some market and we went in. I remember going there once when I was a kid (I hate going to temples btw). According to Natty the temple is “soooo pretty”, probably because she hasn’t seen one before and she was still drunk from the last night so that doesn’t count anyway.

Near Aluthgama we stopped once more to have a King Coconut (as Udara describes it’s the best for a hangover). After that we were at Bentota and Udara said let’s check out the Bentota Beach Hotel, so we went in and there we decided that we are going to stay there as it was all right. Made the bookings and straight to the lunch buffet oh yeah!! The food was ok but there wasn’t much for the dessert unfortunately. Had a nap for about 30 minutes and went on Jet Skiing. It was fun but at the same time it was bit too expensive for another couple of rounds. After that we went to the beach and we were there for maximum of another 30 minutes and went to the pool but there also we couldn’t stay for a long because had wanted to go on that boat ride in “Madu Ganga” it was about 5pm that we went there and the scenery was so beautiful in the evening.

(Madu Ganga view)

(Fisherman at Madu Ganga)

After that we came back to the hotel and went for Dinner, for dinner we had Mongolian rice and it was excellent. We had to select what we want and hand over the stuff to the chef, where they cook it and give it in few minutes. And this cooking thing got attracted too many people and there was a bit of a line there.

Cooking Mongolian Rice at Bentota Beach Hotel

After dinner we went to have a nap again and went back there expecting some action in the DJ, but nobody was there on the floor but the DJ keep playing the songs. After few moments something unexpected happened, two foreign ladies came to the dance floor and one of them danced like the way in “You Got Served” movie. Damn she got all those moves :). Nothing much happened at the DJ apart from that so we went to sleep.

On Sunday morning we went to see the Turtles somewhere in Kosgoda, and headed back to Colombo, dropped Natty at her apartments and me and Udara came back home.

The whole trip was unplanned but it was so excellent since we were able to do lot of activities.


(Me, Lahiru and Nuvina)

It has been years since Myself, Lahiru and Nuvina got together. Normally during University days we get together at the end of every semester to study for exams (These are called 'Kuppi' in University language). And Yesterday (14th September) we met up at Lahiru's place to play the guitar.

Monday, August 18, 2008

When there is absolutely nowhere else to go..

If you happen to organize a day outing (in a short notice) where would you chose to go? Well if I was given that opportunity I would select a wonderful beach somewhere in down south. But I didn't get the chance on deciding, it was definitely an idea of someone else..

I can't even remember when we started planning this but somehow it happened. Yup it was the Zoo that we ended up going to.

After getting fed up at the Zoo we had this idea of watching a movie. I saw the trailer of this Sinhalese movie called "Aba" when i went to watch Hancock at Savoy sometime back. The trailer of "Aba" was seriously good so i gave the idea of going to see that in the afternoon. And yeah we went to see the movie.

(Saumya, Sahan, Me, Hemendra, Pradeepa, Hasanthika, Yashogie, Mayanthi and Hasini)

There was a huge queue at the entrance of the cinema theater, but we weren't too late. Watched the movie and its good (At least the only good thing happened on that day).

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Colombo Motor Show 2008

Colombo Motor Show 2008 held at BMICH from 15th to 17th August. Most of the vehicles were there in the Ceylico Motor Show also. However, the place was a packed with people. I took couple of photos of some eye catching rides.

Audi TT

Mazda RX-8 Modified

Modified Yellow car

Hummer H2

I was actually disappointed because there weren't much good cars this time. Hope there will be lot more good cars next time.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday TNL

It’s the 15th year anniversary of the local radio station TNL.

101.7 TNL Rocks is my favorite radio station. My car radio is basically locked on to that frequency :)

TNL Website :

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ceylinco Motor Show 2008

The Ceylinco Motor Show 2008 was held at BMICH from 18th to 20th July. I managed to go there on 20th. The motor show was not very big but it had some good exhibits.

Nissan 350Z Convertible

Mitsubishi Evolution X

Hummer H2

Mazda RX-8 Tail Light

There was a local Super Car meet up organized by AutoLanka on 17th July about 50 cars showed up on that day. Too bad I couldn't take any photos of that event.
At the Ceylinco Motor Show AutoLanka has set up a stall and many thanks for team AutoLanka for the bumper stickers :)

Summer Foam Party

The Summer Foam Party rocked Tramps at Galadari on 19th through out the entire night. But too bad for us we missed half of the fun :(

The photos I took are not very clear but I have a video which is somewhat clear.

Summer Foam Party Video

On our way back home we stopped at the legendary Pillawoos and had Cheese Chicken Kottu and Ice Milo.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ambalangoda - Ocean Reef

“Ocean Reef” at Ambalangoda is a cool place to have a swim in the sea. It wasn't much crowded though it was a weekend. The place is owned by a relative of my good friend Dinuka (better known as “Aliya”).

Sea view at Ocean Reef

There was a man who came selling some handicraft items. Those were mainly necklaces made of polished coconut shells. Pretty impressive piece if art I would say. I brought one for a very cheap price. (Later I gave to my sis and she loved it)

Handicrafts made of polished coconut shells

After enjoying the swim we were planning to go on a boat ride at “Madu Ganga”. But unfortunately we didn’t have that much time left so we ended up watching some nearby river to “Madu Ganga”. It was a nice scenery which makes your mid get relaxed, everything was calm and very quite out there.

River view

On our way back to Colombo we stopped at “Induruwa” and again we headed to the beach. There was big rock by the coast and we spend a movement there enjoying the view.

Rock view - 1, at "Induruwa"

Rock view - 2, at "Induruwa"

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A day at Blue Waters

Went to Blue Waters with my SLIIT friends. It was a good place to spend a day, but unfortunately for us it was raining. So half of my plans washed away with the rain. However we had some fun after a long time.

(Althaf, Me, Lahiru, Lavangi, Lakshika and Dilhara)

At Blue Waters the Lunch was excellent and not to mention i had two plates of dessert(Oh yeah that's me..) . Don't have a photo of me eating all that, but i do have a photo of me by the pool.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor and the Lamborghini Reventon

It’s been a long time that the Lockheed has launched the ultimate fighting aircraft F-22 or better known as “Raptor”. I loved the design of this aircraft from the Aerodynamics to almost everything it had on board. Most people will fall in love with this aircraft just because of the looks. It has the perfect shape and the design for a Fighter Jet.

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor

In the beginning of this year I watched some TopGear videos and guess what something reminds me of the F-22 Raptor. It had the same looks and everything but this time it’s a car... and it is the Lamborghini Reventon (pronounced as Rehbenton).

Lamborghini Reventon

Not many Raptors are produced by Lockheed, the average production rate is 20 Raptors per year. On the other hand Lamborghini will be producing only 20 Reventons ever. I personally think that the Lamborghini has copied the design of the body from the F-22 or at least the F-22’s design has influenced the guy who designed Reventon (copying that is). The Reventon, with its matte gray finish and carbon fiber panels provides necessary proof for that.

According to Lockheed F-22 Raptor costs $ 137.5 M where as the Lamborghini has put a price tag on Reventon as € 1.0 M

The Reventon is powered by a 6.5 Liter V 12 Engine which give the car 650 BHP at 8000 rpm and 487 ft-lb at 6000 rpm of torque. 0-60 mph takes only 3.4 seconds while the top speed is 220 mph.

Source(s) :,

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Download Day

Download Day - Spread FireFox
Download Day - English

Mozilla FireFox 3 has been released..!!!
Help FireFox to set a new World Record.

The Home of Firefox Community Marketing has announced a day called "Download Day" which they are expecting to establish a new Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours!

Download FireFox 3
Firefox 3

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