Sunday, November 2, 2008

A different Halloween

We were planning on going to Shine for some Halloween party which Udara told me, Thursday morning he called me and said we'll go to Natty's place by 8pm Friday, what 8pm??? isn't is too early? I asked him, he said we'll be celebrating Dinendre's birthday also so he thought it would not be that early.

Finished my work and came home went to take a hair cut, had a shower and saw about 2 or 3 missed calls from Udara and Dinendre. I called both of them and told that I’ll pick them by 7.45 ish. Then Dinendre called me up once again and said that he'll be going to Natty's place directly and he asked me to pick Udara and come there. So, I picked up Udara and one of his friends and on our way to Natty's place we stopped at Pillawoos and bought Cheese Chicken Kottu.

Finally we arrived at Natty’s place around 8.30pm, soon Dinendre and others joined us there. And we started the party (well this meant to be the warm up kinda thing) what a surprise 2 of our people were in deep trouble even before the midnight.. Damn…!! (I do not wish to go into detail here as this is opened to the public, use your own imagination to get a picture of what I’m saying)

Yes, the Halloween began when the owners of the Natty’s apartment came, and they kinda asked us to leave the place :(. We somehow managed to stay quiet and hanged there till about 2 in the morning. We left the apartment around that time and I headed home to bring some “stuff”, during that time Wehitha and others has gone to Shine and we were also on our way there, soon we figured out that the party is almost over. Went to Pillawoos had the usual Ice Milo and went to Wellawatta beach and stayed there for about another 2 hours and came back to Natty’s place because we had some “cleaning stuff” to do. Ya I know that’s one wired Halloween.

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