Tuesday, January 28, 2014


There were some contrivances when it comes to GCE Advance Level results because of the use of Z-Score. About 10 years ago I did my A Levels and the Z-Score I got was 1.8331. It was a very good result but I wasn’t happy with some grades and I decided to ask for re-correction. I was never informed of any change to the result and after I got selected to the University I assumed the re-correction didn’t work out and the result I got was final.

I only had the certificates issued by the school for all this time and in case there could be a use in the future I decided to get the GCE O Level and A Level certificates from the Ministry of Education (or the Exam Department), after a couple of days I received the official certificates and found out my Z-Score has changed to 1.9089 – which is a considerable difference. The problem is I only found out my true results after 10 years! If I have known my real Z-Score 10 years back, would my entire life been different?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Having enjoyed the sea off Hikkaduwa never really thought of snorkeling or diving in the nearby Seenigama. Our trip to Hikkaduwa was cut short at Seenigama on 15th January 2014. It does have a reef, relatively smaller but would be good for the divers. However the depth is a bit too much so it might not be ideal for snorkeling. Still if you want to see the best of ocean life in the region it remains to be Hikkaduwa.

Seenigama Devalaya

Colorful necklaces for the Devalaya