Saturday, July 25, 2009

Colombo Motor Show 2009

The Colombo Motor Show 2009 was held at the BMICH from 24th to 26th July. This year there were lesser cars than the previous year's show.

Hummer H2

Porsche Carrera 4

The Mini's

Honda S2000

Land Rover Defender


You all know how much I love TNL; they have organized an Acoustic musical event called 'Simplicity' under the theme 'Get Unplugged' at The Golden Mile at Mount Lavinia on 24th July 2009.

It was TNL's 16th birthday on the previous day and they were giving free passes to the event for all the callers. I didn’t have to call since I had my ways in :). The event was simply awesome.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sand Castle

How hard would it be to build a sand castle?? Well you might think it’s easy but no its not. Me and couple of my friends did some research using the internet to learn how to build a sand castle and we learned a lot. We bought some basic equipment like baskets and went down to Mount Lavinia beach to build one. We did not complete it in full but here is how it looked like at the end…

(The Sand Castle)

Next time we’ll be doing it better :D

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sri Lanka: Small Miracle

I was searching for some information on upcoming events in Sri Lanka and I randomly saw this video on YouTube.

Sri Lanka - Small Miracle

Link(s): Sri Lanka Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs