Monday, September 22, 2008

4 days of good fun

It all started on Thursday (18th September), Udara called me and asked what’s happening? I said there is nothing much and he said if you are free lets go somewhere, and I was in. So Udara and Natty came to pick me up from my place, I got in to the car and on our way I asked where we are going to? He replied saying that he wanted to take Natty to Kelaniya temple but I suggested that we go to Mount beach. Then we decided to go to Kelaniya temple first and go to Mount.

I don’t remember whether I have been to Kelaniya temple before (anyway I don’t like temples :D). Truly there isn't much to see there, we only stayed there for about 20-30 minutes and we were on our way back. Since Mount seems a bit far we thought of stopping at Hilton, went to Curry Leaf but the only option we had was the buffet. And then we went to Sea Spray at Galle Face Hotel, again the only option there was the buffet. Then we switched to 'Watch the Sun Set' at Galle Face Hotel and all of us had club sandwiches. After that Udara asked me whether is everything ready for the Kandy trip this weekend, i have totally forgotten about it but as i have promised earlier I said things are ok with that. We left the place around 11pm on that night.

On Friday again, Udara called me and asked what’s happening I gave the same answer as the previous day. And he said lets go out, and being the guy who is ready always, I said ok for that as well. Went to Natty's place stayed there till the midnight with some friends of Udara and we went to Blue Elephant at Hilton. The DJ and the crowed was not the best, but yeah we had to stay till 3 in the morning. And then we came home because we had to go to Kandy. Didn't sleep at that night and I called Udara around 7.30am, we started the journey around 9.30am. By the time we reached Kandy it was lunch time. We stopped at Dine More and had lunch and went to Udara's house at Kandy. Slept there for more than 3 hours and then we went to the 'Dalada Maligawa'(Temple of Tooth) and after that we enjoyed the evening view by the Kandy Lake.

(Kandy Lake view)

We went back to Udara's place and we were listening to some good old music. It was very much relaxing, and then again we went to Kandy town to have the Dinner. We were looking for an Indian restaurant but there wasn't a good place around so we ended up going to KFC.

(Elephant bath at Pinnawala)

On Sunday morning we were up early and we headed to Pinnawala because Natty wanted to see the Elephants :D. There was nothing much with the elephant bath but there was an Herbal Garden and the products that they showed us were impressive. We came back to Colombo safely and picked up lunch packs from ‘Hijra’ (next to ‘Pillawoos’) and had it at Natty's apartment.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A totally unplanned trip ended up really well..

I was planning to go to the “Leisure World” with some friends from work but Friday night it got cancelled because couple of people was sick. And then I called up Udara to see what’s happening and he said lets go Down South.. and it happened.

After that phone call I received a text message from him saying there are some more people joining and he has made some arrangements and he said that he'll call me in the morning as he is going out on that night.

Saturday morning I wake up around 9am and Udara called up and said all the others are in really bad condition so we'll go with his Colombian friend Nathalia. I went to pick them up from her apartment and we headed towards Galle.

We had no plan what so ever till I asked Udara where are we exactly going to. Then he said we’ll go to Unawatuna beach, and I also suggested going on a boat ride on the “Madu Ganga” and all of us was ok with that plan. All 3 of us hasn’t had breakfast so we stopped somewhere after Panadura to take a snack. The things were on display wasn’t very impressive but we ordered a plate of short eats. Had a bite and it was superb, fresh and warm.

After having the breakfast we stopped at Kalutara temple because Natty said she wanted to go inside and see what’s in there. Parked my car near some market and we went in. I remember going there once when I was a kid (I hate going to temples btw). According to Natty the temple is “soooo pretty”, probably because she hasn’t seen one before and she was still drunk from the last night so that doesn’t count anyway.

Near Aluthgama we stopped once more to have a King Coconut (as Udara describes it’s the best for a hangover). After that we were at Bentota and Udara said let’s check out the Bentota Beach Hotel, so we went in and there we decided that we are going to stay there as it was all right. Made the bookings and straight to the lunch buffet oh yeah!! The food was ok but there wasn’t much for the dessert unfortunately. Had a nap for about 30 minutes and went on Jet Skiing. It was fun but at the same time it was bit too expensive for another couple of rounds. After that we went to the beach and we were there for maximum of another 30 minutes and went to the pool but there also we couldn’t stay for a long because had wanted to go on that boat ride in “Madu Ganga” it was about 5pm that we went there and the scenery was so beautiful in the evening.

(Madu Ganga view)

(Fisherman at Madu Ganga)

After that we came back to the hotel and went for Dinner, for dinner we had Mongolian rice and it was excellent. We had to select what we want and hand over the stuff to the chef, where they cook it and give it in few minutes. And this cooking thing got attracted too many people and there was a bit of a line there.

Cooking Mongolian Rice at Bentota Beach Hotel

After dinner we went to have a nap again and went back there expecting some action in the DJ, but nobody was there on the floor but the DJ keep playing the songs. After few moments something unexpected happened, two foreign ladies came to the dance floor and one of them danced like the way in “You Got Served” movie. Damn she got all those moves :). Nothing much happened at the DJ apart from that so we went to sleep.

On Sunday morning we went to see the Turtles somewhere in Kosgoda, and headed back to Colombo, dropped Natty at her apartments and me and Udara came back home.

The whole trip was unplanned but it was so excellent since we were able to do lot of activities.


(Me, Lahiru and Nuvina)

It has been years since Myself, Lahiru and Nuvina got together. Normally during University days we get together at the end of every semester to study for exams (These are called 'Kuppi' in University language). And Yesterday (14th September) we met up at Lahiru's place to play the guitar.