Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Discovered a new place called "Kebab", but not all new discoveries are good! Kebab at Maitland Crescent is definitely one of the worst new restaurants. I was expecting some good food but this was a disaster. The salad was so dry; I felt like eating a paper serviette. And those small food containers made me feel I was traveling on a low budget airline. They got everything wrong! Cutleries were those throw away plastic pieces - who on earth give those for customers who dines at a restaurant. And yeah to make matters even worse I had a look at the soft drink can and it says... "TO BE SERVED FOR MARITIME AND ONBOARD PASSENGERS ONLY"

The worst "Kebab" - *sigh*

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rationalist Day 2011

The "Rationalist Day" concept in Sri Lanka started last year and I was fortunate enough to attend that event. During the past year I got to know the people at Sri Lanka Rationalist Association (SLRA) quite well and I was invited to attend the Rationalist Day this year as well.

The "Rationalist Day 2011" was held at "Namel - Malini Punchi Theatre" like the last year but this time SLRA has decided to have it on 7th June 2011 due to many holidays and celebrations in the month of May.

Despite the really bad weather and the main speaker getting sick and not showing up, the SLRA have asked us (Secular Sri Lanka) to do a longer lecture to cope up. Mr. Hemachandra Wijesooriya, a personal level friend of the great rationalist Bertrand Russell delivered his interesting lecture to the audience. Like the last year’s event there was time for discussion and it was just as interesting as last year.

Link(s): Rationalist Day 2011 - Event Link