Saturday, May 23, 2015

Urban Walterland Park

The Urban Waterland Park better known as the Weli Park at Nawala was opened some time ago but I have never been there until 23rd May 2015. It’s much smaller in size compared to Broad Walk but much different to that.

Jogging Track

I had no idea they have put an Armored Personal Carrier (BMP T-86) in the park. It is an old scary looking rusted machine but still the main frame is in good shape.

Armored Personal Carrier (BMP T-86) - Front View

Armored Personal Carrier (BMP T-86) - Back View

Armored Personal Carrier (BMP T-86) - Back Entrance

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Vesak 2015

Compared to the previous year’s this time the Vesak decorations were much less almost everywhere. We visited the Gangarama Temple area and the crowd was significantly less. Maybe everyone expected the same decoration and avoided the trouble going there. And it was nothing more than the same decorations as previous years – if not lesser.

Fireworks at Beira Lake

Boats on Beira Lake

Vesak Thorana