Friday, December 25, 2015

Kayaking at the Bolgoda Lake

I’ve actually not tried Kayaking on a big lake (sort of) and turned out its really great! And I didn’t realize I travelled so far until I turned back. It was a calm day in December (out of all the bad rainy days) and managed to spend around an hour on Bolgoda Lake on a Kayak.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Traffic Lane Law in Colombo

Since last week the Police seem to be getting strict on implementing the Lane Law (or discipline) . Now this is extremely good news for me and the other (few) law-abiding drivers. Especially in the Parliament Road the motorists go crazy. Other than the usual culprits (i.e. three wheelers and motor bikes) you see an increasing number of Cars and SUVs violating traffic laws.

I fully support the Police enforcing some discipline and I’ve observed less traffic and a smother vehicle movement in the past few days. I hope this good culture continues for the betterment of the country.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Early conclusion for 2015 Formula 1 Season

With the ending of the US Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton won his 3rd World Championship title. There are few more races remaining in the year but mathematically their results won’t change the championship status. From the beginning of the season it was evident Hamilton dominated the season and it was well deserved at the end.

Ferrari meanwhile has improved significantly after mid season with their engine upgrades and could be threatening the Mercedes power units. It’s clear that Renault engines are no match at the straight lines for the front runners.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pareto principle for Technology

Technology keeps moving forward at a rapid pace, what you buy for the money today has about half of its value in just 6 months time. Spending wise it’s a total waste!

Buying a top of the line Flagship Phone would cost over LKR 100K, on the other hand you can get 80% of its functionalities / performance achieved for just 20-30% of the price, and since you’ve spent so less the depreciation factor isn’t terrible as the most of the high end gadgets. Sure you won’t be able to tell your friends about the flashy new gadget you’ve got but whatever the flashy new gadget gets outdated in just 3-4 months time.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Diyawanna Jogging Track

Jogging Track behind the Parliament is something that was constructed a long time back. But just like the Urban Waterland Park at Nawala I could never visit until now.

Panoramic view from the Jogging Track

Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 Formula 1 Mid-Season Review

After the conclusion of the Hungarian Gran Prix it’s clear that Mercedes is still the fastest car, as long as they are at the front they remain unchallenged. Lewis Hamilton has scored most amounts of Poles but we saw how poor the launch was on both Mercedes Cars compared to Williams and Ferrari.

The moment Mercedes get passed by another car at the start line they have a miserable time. This was the same with RedBull in the previous winning seasons – as long as they got a clear start they were winning.

At the Hungarian Gran Prix it was like having Launch Control for Ferrari, the start was very quick. We have noticed Ferrari having much better starts in the previous seasons as well.

Mercedes needs to revisit on the race starts and the pit stops and rectify their selves, otherwise irrespective of having the fastest car (by a big margin) they’ll end up having to put a tough battle, which is totally unnecessary.

Meanwhile at the McLaren garage we see some big improvements for the results. Frankly the McLaren car wasn’t ready at the start of the season – that’s the bitter truth. Now they are playing in the catching up game. I don’t expect McLaren to score big finishes in this season but if they keep the current pace of improvements it’ll be valuable for the development of the next year’s car.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Yala - 2015

There are a few seasons a year Yala is exciting and even during the correct season you have to go at the correct time to spot the Leopards and Bears. Well 3pm wasn’t the best time to go on the safari at Yala.

Elephant Rock in the background of the Lake

A frog eaten alive