Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 Formula 1 Mid-Season Review

After the conclusion of the Hungarian Gran Prix it’s clear that Mercedes is still the fastest car, as long as they are at the front they remain unchallenged. Lewis Hamilton has scored most amounts of Poles but we saw how poor the launch was on both Mercedes Cars compared to Williams and Ferrari.

The moment Mercedes get passed by another car at the start line they have a miserable time. This was the same with RedBull in the previous winning seasons – as long as they got a clear start they were winning.

At the Hungarian Gran Prix it was like having Launch Control for Ferrari, the start was very quick. We have noticed Ferrari having much better starts in the previous seasons as well.

Mercedes needs to revisit on the race starts and the pit stops and rectify their selves, otherwise irrespective of having the fastest car (by a big margin) they’ll end up having to put a tough battle, which is totally unnecessary.

Meanwhile at the McLaren garage we see some big improvements for the results. Frankly the McLaren car wasn’t ready at the start of the season – that’s the bitter truth. Now they are playing in the catching up game. I don’t expect McLaren to score big finishes in this season but if they keep the current pace of improvements it’ll be valuable for the development of the next year’s car.

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