Tuesday, January 28, 2014


There were some contrivances when it comes to GCE Advance Level results because of the use of Z-Score. About 10 years ago I did my A Levels and the Z-Score I got was 1.8331. It was a very good result but I wasn’t happy with some grades and I decided to ask for re-correction. I was never informed of any change to the result and after I got selected to the University I assumed the re-correction didn’t work out and the result I got was final.

I only had the certificates issued by the school for all this time and in case there could be a use in the future I decided to get the GCE O Level and A Level certificates from the Ministry of Education (or the Exam Department), after a couple of days I received the official certificates and found out my Z-Score has changed to 1.9089 – which is a considerable difference. The problem is I only found out my true results after 10 years! If I have known my real Z-Score 10 years back, would my entire life been different?

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