Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ape Gama

Due to CHOGM there have been many changes around Colombo. Near the Parliament Grounds the place we used to call "Janakala Kendraya" has been changed and now it's called "Ape Gama" meaning "Our Village" It has made up to be an old traditional Sri Lankan village. They charge Rs. 100/- per person at the entrance but whether there is anything really interesting to see is a question?

A woman making "Halapa"

A farmer

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Unknown said...

Yes, it IS worth a visit, even though foreigners pay much more = as usual. And it is still very much a work in progress. What you will see is the testimonial of ways of life that are rapidly dying out. No free palm leaf thatched roofs anymore, everybody needs a noisy and non insulated metal roof now :-D
People do live here in the traditional mud houses, you'll see artisans at work. Like a lovely frail lady turning pots with only one hand the other being on the wheel. Or a wonderful female wood carver, much renowned.
Do go and see this place before mass tourism discovers it. Anne from Belgium, journalist and ex tour leader