Monday, November 3, 2008

2008 Formula 1 finals

Well it was thrilling till the last movement. I was hoping that the history would not repeat this time for Hamilton. My heart stopped at the final lap when Vettel overtook Hamilton, but thanks to Gloak and Team Toyota for their stupid decision, my heart started functioning again.

(Lewis Hamilton, the champion of the 2008 Formula One season)

I love Ferrari but in this particular season I’m a little more Hamilton Fan :) (Come on you have to pick a side rite?). It’s no doubt that all Formula 1 fans have felt the excitement of yesterday’s race. And before I go any further respect all the other drivers and teams.

Now this is what Nadike had to write on my Facebook wall..

"F1 F1 F1
F1 rocks the world
well not as much as football
but still it rocks the world

Massa Massa Massa
he is the world champion
well not in the stupid records
but in peoples' hearts
Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton
boy almost screwed it up boy needed his mummy
when Sebastian Vettel overtook him
in last minute of the game

Champion champion champion
boy made it somehow
Massa entered to the flag as the champion
and left as the runner up
how the hell Lewis did it?
well he did nothing
unless Toyota and their stupid driver Timo Glock
and also his stupid dry tires,
Massa would be the champion
champion champion champion.

F1 F1 F1
Massa Massa Massa
Ferrari Ferrari Ferrari
Rocking Rocking Rocking"

Ok, I know that there is “some” truth in it, but here goes my comments.
  • “not as much as football" - Get a life dude.
  • “not in the stupid records” - Now that’s what mater because just refresh your memory on the 2007 Formula 1 season.
  • “almost” - That word almost, its either you win or its nothing; No almost!!
  • “when Sebastian Vettel overtook him” - Even I felt butterflies in my stomach to be honest, but didn’t you see how Massa cried at the end? Oh I forgot he covered his face :D
  • "Massa entered to the flag as the champion" - Respect but, its like winning a battle but losing the war.
  • “how the hell Lewis did it?” - That’s not even a question, check how Massa got in to 2nd position and how Kimi swept back to 3rd in Shanghai. Oops…
  • “also his stupid dry tires” - Decisions made by Toyota are not what Hamilton or Massa could control.
  • “Massa would be the champion” - Again refresh your memory on last Formula 1 finals.
  • “Massa Massa Massa” - Conclusion: Massa is good but Hamilton is a little better.
Now Massa/Ferrari fans please accept the defeat and don’t tell me that Ferrari won the Constructors championship, that ain’t news for me.


Amarapala said...

Ok. I bought a new life. Oh damn it. Football is in that too. Sorry man. Now don't tell I didn't try. May be because it's the world most famous game. No matter from where your life is imported, it's in it. If you want to be a part of the world, you've got to know football.

And I heard in the news that Hamilton has told he let sebes pass him to avoid a possible crash. What a crap is that?

And also I'm confused man. You're telling you love ferrari and like hamilton. Simply you can't do that. Now listen carefully. I KNOW you're a ferrari man. You've just attracted to Hams pretty face, ok. Now that IS the TRAP. Merce Mac brought first Ham for a marketing purpose. To attract more people to Merce Mac. So do NOT fall in to that. Still it's not too late ok. You're still in the edge. All I'm asking you to do is just make 1 step closer to the ferrari at a time. I know you can do it. gbu.

crdesilva said...

Come on man... what bullshit.. if u wanna be a part of the world learn BUSINESS.. thats how u live dude.

And Hamilton asking Sebastian to pass him.. naaah thats day dreaming man :P

And yeah u r correct in one thing.. I'm a Ferrari man !!!