Sunday, November 30, 2008

TNL OnStage 2008 - Finals

This year OnStage finals was superb, I honestly didn’t expect that much from the event. I was over thrilled by the performance of most of the bands especially ‘Nemisis’, ‘Ethereal’, ‘Love Me Dead’ and the soloists like ‘Rajitha’, ‘Dee’ and others; they were really good. But most importantly it was ‘CivilizationOne’ what the people were waiting for. And they ROCK !!

I missed the preliminaries and the semi's but glad i attended the Finals. I loved ‘Ethereal’ playing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and ‘Nemisis’ playing ‘Nadee Ganga’.

The TNL OnStage band category winners were ‘Nemisis’ while the solo category was won by ‘Indumini’.

More info : TNL OnStage, TNL Rocks,

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