Sunday, June 22, 2008

A day at Blue Waters

Went to Blue Waters with my SLIIT friends. It was a good place to spend a day, but unfortunately for us it was raining. So half of my plans washed away with the rain. However we had some fun after a long time.

(Althaf, Me, Lahiru, Lavangi, Lakshika and Dilhara)

At Blue Waters the Lunch was excellent and not to mention i had two plates of dessert(Oh yeah that's me..) . Don't have a photo of me eating all that, but i do have a photo of me by the pool.

1 comment:

Dilhara said...

Ya it was a superb outing after along time ne...
Too bad it rained but it was still fun.
Ya I remember that you u ate 2 plates of desserts and you also ate from mine ne...