Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ambalangoda - Ocean Reef

“Ocean Reef” at Ambalangoda is a cool place to have a swim in the sea. It wasn't much crowded though it was a weekend. The place is owned by a relative of my good friend Dinuka (better known as “Aliya”).

Sea view at Ocean Reef

There was a man who came selling some handicraft items. Those were mainly necklaces made of polished coconut shells. Pretty impressive piece if art I would say. I brought one for a very cheap price. (Later I gave to my sis and she loved it)

Handicrafts made of polished coconut shells

After enjoying the swim we were planning to go on a boat ride at “Madu Ganga”. But unfortunately we didn’t have that much time left so we ended up watching some nearby river to “Madu Ganga”. It was a nice scenery which makes your mid get relaxed, everything was calm and very quite out there.

River view

On our way back to Colombo we stopped at “Induruwa” and again we headed to the beach. There was big rock by the coast and we spend a movement there enjoying the view.

Rock view - 1, at "Induruwa"

Rock view - 2, at "Induruwa"

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