Friday, December 19, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

I got this phone call from Udara on a Saturday asking for some help for designing a Poster, then i asked what type of a poster and he explained me the thing. Udara, Dinendre and Kalana were organizing a major party; the theme was "Viva Las Vegas". I went to Dinendre's place and we were deciding on the poster and all. There was another party which was supposed to held at the same day at Zetters so i asked Udara and Dinendre why they chose 18th and I said we will not get all the party animals to our party at that day. However things didn't change as they have booked the club already.

Viva Las Vegas poster

So it was the 18th December, i finished my work and quickly headed to Tramps. Things were all set for the party. By 10pm the crowd started to come in and as it was as "VEGAS" there were a lot of things that I can’t write on a public blog. The party went well but too bad for me and the other organizers we missed lot of fun because we had to deal with many things :(

I don't even have a single photo of the event, the only media file i have in my phone is one video (which is very short)

Viva Las "VEGAS" Video

I missed the Zetter party too and in the morning i was really tired, but what to do i had to go to work on Friday :(

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