Sunday, October 5, 2008

Monsoon Fashion Show and After Party

The “Monsoon Fashion Show” was held at CASA Colombo on 4th October 2008, we went there around 9.30 or 10.00pm so we have missed a lot from the Fashion Show; however we weren't there to see the Fashion show. It's the after party that we all were targeting (btw the models were great as usual)

At CASA I met my good old friend Maneesh, I went to his place on Friday (3rd October) and told him about the happenings and he said he might come. Around 10.30pm the Fashion Show got ended and we all were waiting for the Party but what a surprise all the people were leaving the place one by one. Me, Dinendre and Natty waited till Udara comes. At this time I called Maneesh and asked what he is doing, he said that he already left CASA and heading to Zanziba or somewhere else. Dinendre also suggested that we go to Zanziba once Udara comes. But before Udara, Sandun and Damien joined us at CASA. Udara called me and I told him not to come inside as we are leaving, but he came inside and hanged there for around 30 minutes. While we were planning to go to Zanziba, Sandun popped in the middle and said that he heard people saying that all are going to Sugar and asked us whether we all go there and we were all ok with it.

We went to Sugar around 11.30pm and by the time we got in the place was almost empty but all the tables were reserved. We ignored the reserved signs and sat and started chillin :). Lot of people came in after we went there and it was quite happening after that. But what a surprise we had to leave the place for some stupid reason.

We went to Zanziba around 1.00am and as usual it was over crowded but the good thing there is that’s where all the young people gather. We chilled till 3 or 4 in the morning and then Me, Udara, Dinendre and Natty left the place just before another fight is about to happen: D

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