Monday, August 18, 2008

When there is absolutely nowhere else to go..

If you happen to organize a day outing (in a short notice) where would you chose to go? Well if I was given that opportunity I would select a wonderful beach somewhere in down south. But I didn't get the chance on deciding, it was definitely an idea of someone else..

I can't even remember when we started planning this but somehow it happened. Yup it was the Zoo that we ended up going to.

After getting fed up at the Zoo we had this idea of watching a movie. I saw the trailer of this Sinhalese movie called "Aba" when i went to watch Hancock at Savoy sometime back. The trailer of "Aba" was seriously good so i gave the idea of going to see that in the afternoon. And yeah we went to see the movie.

(Saumya, Sahan, Me, Hemendra, Pradeepa, Hasanthika, Yashogie, Mayanthi and Hasini)

There was a huge queue at the entrance of the cinema theater, but we weren't too late. Watched the movie and its good (At least the only good thing happened on that day).

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