Sunday, May 10, 2009

Isso Wadé

I remember the times when I enjoyed playing on the famous Galle Face green as a kid, when me and my friends grew up we hanged out there for couple of hours when we had some free time. That place is there in my memory especially because of New Year eves.

Whenever I go there I have this GOD made special kind of a food called 'Isso Wadé'. Sometimes I go there just for the Isso Wadé. I simply loved it, yummy… but a little hot. However that old times are no more, I wonder if the Galle Face green is opened to the public now. It has been a long time since I had an Isso Wadé; since we no longer go to the Galle Face green I have forgotten this tasty food.

(The 'Isso Wadé')

Though I had no interest of seeing the ‘Vesak’ decorations, I went out with couple of friends to see how ‘Vesak’ in Colombo looks like on a Saturday (9th May 2009) night, and guess what I found; my favorite Isso Wadé. And there is more good news; now there is ‘Crab Wadé' too :) Didn’t try out the Crab Wadé since I was full with the Isso Wadé; should try it out someday soon.

(The 'Crab Wadé')

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