Sunday, May 31, 2009

Batch Re-Union 2009

It’s been a long time since I left school; we have never organized an event together as a batch after we left the school. About two months back Batawala (Bate), Dinuka (Aliya) and I got together for some reason which I don’t remember exactly. There we talked about organizing a batch party, since I know people from all around I told them that I’ll talk to couple of places like ‘Buba’ and ‘Excel World’. But not all people could come there with the distance and time.

The second time we met at Dimuthu’s (Somnas) place and we were planning on hiring a playground and conduct an open even but unfortunately the grounds were all booked out. However we were certain about one thing, the date of the event. We set if to 31st May. Somehow we got hold of this reception hall and we booked it as the earlier budget and this was going very close. So the venue was ‘Bakeps’ restaurant at Nawala.

We started the printing of tickets and other ground work about a month before the event. Finally it was the day before the event, all the organizers went to the location and decorated the place for the event and went home. On the day of the event (31st May 2009), we all arrived around 9.00 am and started the rest of the decorations and stuff. The event officially kicked off at 11.30 am and surprisingly it went well and according to the schedule. And most importantly almost all the guests came to the event and it was super, even the people we weren’t expecting came, wow…!!

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