Friday, April 10, 2009

Hunas Falls

Few days back i got a surprising message from Pradeepa saying that she is organizing a trip to Kandy. I felt not to respond because there is absolutely nothing to see in Kandy. Obviously people like me don’t want to visit places like the Temple of Tooth (just a boring place). Somehow with my objections some of the directions changed and we went to Kandy & Hunas Falls.

We started the trip around 5.30 am on 9th March 2009, straight to Kandy, till the others go worshiping i tried to take few snaps of the ducks at Kandy Lake.

(Ducks at Kandy Lake)

After the others came back we went to this small forest called the "Udawatta-kele" (Udawatte Forest). There is nothing big there either, but it said to be the Kings private forest back in those days :D. By the time we finished the small hike we all were hungry, Saumya has organized lunch at "The Swiss Residence", so all of us went there. It was an amazing place; we headed to the pool before lunch.

(The Swiss Residence at Kandy)

After lunch we finally went to see the "Hunas Falls", it was situated around 30 km away from Kandy but it took us about an hour to get there because the road wasn't good. Now guys i honestly have to say this, Hunas Falls is not worth watching, even though it was raining it wasn't a big water fall; of course from the height its a little tall but the amount of water coming there is soooo little (Like a bathroom shower).

(Hunas Falls)

I have herd the Hunas Falls hotel is quite nice but if you are only going to see Hunas Falls then forget about it.


Saman said...

Wasn't there anything good about the trip? Anyeay ur blog is great with nice photographs.

crdesilva said...

Saman (a.k.a Hasanthika) >> Oh come on... i didn’t say the trip was totally useless.. of course i met my old friends.. and that’s great.. missed Ershad and Hasini though. But apart from that and the hotel we visited there wasn’t anything big isn't it? What i meant was that trip wasn’t a my kinda thing. No offence guys.