Sunday, March 22, 2009

FIA retain their old rules

I was listing to news this morning (22nd March 2009) and I herd the biggest news of the week (probably). It's about the new rule which FIA announced on who would be the Drivers Champion for 2009 Formula 1 Season. In my earlier post i have stated my doubts about this (read the full article here).

FIA had announced that they are going to change the rule on deciding who the Driver's Champion would be in 2009 Formula 1 Season. Earlier it was the driver who gets most number of points becomes the champion, but FIA had changed this as The driver who wins the most number of races who would become the champion. And guess what??? They have decided not to implement this new rule for this season.

Exactly one week more for the 1st race of the Season to begin and I hope every team is doing their best to keep the fans (like me) happy :)

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