Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Beach

It was quite a happening week but unfortunately the ending was boring. It was the 21st March 2009, I was invited to a party called "The Beach" at La Langousterie - Mount Lavinia, a place I have never been before and the crowd; well I haven't hanged out with them before either :D. As I entered La Langousterie it was like a mini version of Mambo's at Hikkaduwa. It is the dream place which you would buy and start a business like a restaurant.

Party was just starting when we stepped in; crowd wasn't bad, mostly ACBT people and few outsides (like me and Udara). The kids seems to be having fun but us; ummm not really. The thing was we weren't with the usual crowd. Luckily Rajeev and Jo came and saved me a little bit but we all got bored at the end. Maybe the music was not very good but we have partied with far worse music; so definitely it’s the crowd that rocks the party.

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