Friday, December 3, 2010

Coco Citrine

Have seen a new restaurant opened up at Battaramulla for about two weeks but never had time to go there, and the rain made everything even worse. "Coco Citrine" looks amazing from the outside and today I went there and the inside is even better. The location is an old house which they have converted to a restaurant and it's stunning.

It's a decent place to hang out and the food is reasonably priced compared to Coffee Bean or Barista. However I didn't see lot of items on the menu, maybe because they started only a couple of weeks back. But you can surely eat something and chill out at "Coco Citrine".

Hot Chocolate and some cookies

Link(s): Coco Citrine

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Jackie said...

Had lunch at Coco Citrine last week and was not disappointed at all. Staff very friendly, beautiful outdoor seating area at the back of the building - very Mediterranean -and the coffee was good. A few items on the menu were not available but the staff were helpful in recommending dishes. All in all, worth a visit.