Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Negambo is one of the places I have visited least, to be honest I don’t remember going to the Negambo beach in the past. I was invited to the home coming of my old friend Sathya who is also Udara’s sister. The place was Jetwing Blue Oceanic. The invitation card specifically indicated that we should wear casual cloths; I was quite puzzled and called Udara on the day before and asked what that means, he said wear whatever you like and come. Knowing the fellow for the past 20 years I didn’t buy his word. I called Gajan also and planned the thing out.

It was Tuesday (3rd February) after finishing work I came home and went to Negambo with my Father and Brother. The time we arrived there was 8pm, and by that time all the others has come and they already started to party. My Father and Brother left before midnight and I stayed back.

As the time went by a new day arrived, and guess what?? All the people stood up and started singing the National Anthem and there were fireworks all around. Yup it’s our independence day (4th February). We all sang our national anthem together with all others (proud to be Sri Lankan) It was 2.30 in the morning but we are still partying. Around 3.30am we went to the rooms that Udara booked but, NO we couldn’t sleep. We were talking various things about our childhood and stayed up all-night.

In the morning I went to the beach and… wow it’s amazing. I have never seen the sea without the waves. It was like a swimming pool (trust me :P). The fishing boats and everything was different to what we see in down south.

(Negambo Sea and the Fishing Boats)

The environment in Negambo is exactly the same as Hikkaduwa, plenty of Hotels, happening nightlife, the beach and everything. But there was one thing which was different, and that difference was not in a good way as well. It was the food; it was horrible, maybe it’s the hotel we stayed in :( We discussed said same thing about food during the dinner, breakfast and as well as in the lunch. After lunch, we chilled for a while and came flew back home since there were no traffic what so ever.

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