Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Eve 2009 at MAMBO's

Till the last week of I had no plans for the 31st night, suddenly I got quite a lot of invitations from people who are organizing various events at Colombo on the 31st night. On the other hand some of my friends were planning to go to Hikkaduwa, so I was in two minds whether to stay in Colombo or go down south.

Mambo's Beach Party: New Year EVE 2009

On 30th I decided to go to Hikkaduwa since my friends has already booked a place. As usual things never go according to the plan. Some of the guys had problems of going down south and they didn’t come with us. It was only Me, Udara, Devinda and Harsha who went to Hikka. We went to Hikka by 7pm and chilled for a while at the place we booked. The place was an old bungalow called “Curry Bowl”, not too luxurious but was very good and it’s extremely cheap (just 1000 bucks for a double room). We went out at 10.30pm and had Dinner and we went to the place where the party was supposed to happen. The Mambo’s place, the environment and music was perfect. There were lot of foreigners and quite a lot of people from Colombo too. The place got packed within two hours and it was the time to celebrate the New Year. Fireworks were on, but its nothing much compared to what we see in Colombo.

Fireworks at New Year EVE 2009

It was the beach environment and the music that kept us going. We partied till 6am in the morning and fell asleep. We were very tired but manage to get up at about 11am. Went searching for a place for breakfast and ended up having Lunch (quite unusual isn’t it :P). Went back to the beach and we were there till 3pm enjoying the view ;)

It’s bad that I missed all the happenings in Colombo and specially to let down the people who invited me for those. I’m pretty sure from all the 31st night parties I’ve been to, this is an unforgettable occasion. Cheers to Mambo’s place at Hikka :)

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