Sunday, November 24, 2013

Los Angeles

Known as the “The City of Angels” is a place you would fall in love with immediately after you see it with your own eyes. As a big city it offers you anything you need – Entertainment, Nightlife, Culture, Food, Lovely Beaches, Mountain Ranges of Natural Beauty and lots more… Though I had to end my visit on 24th November and head back to New York I would definitely come back to LA for a much longer visit.

Panoramic view of Los Angeles City from Griffith Observatory

A Quadcoptor with Surveillance Cameras

Santa Monica Beach is another Iconic landmark as it’s the final stop of the Interstate Highway which connected East and the West Coast of the United State. The Santa Monica Pier also appear on many movies and it has the Bubba Gump restaurant which featured on the movie Forest Gump.

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier – Amusement Park

A memorial on the beach

Enjoying the Sunshine

Panoramic view from Santa Monica Pier

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