Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Deer Park

Surrounded by nature, bordered to a lake – The Deer Park Hotel in Polonnaruwa is a very relaxed place. We went to the hotel on 6th July 2013. Despite the name we didn’t see any deer’s during our journey. Went on a safari at the Minneriya National Park during the rain and the only thing we saw were the Elephants.

Boat on the Giritale Tank

"Bonnet" a nickname given to this Elephant by the tour guides of Minnieriya Park

Crowd enjoying the safari (maybe the rain)


Umesh Leelasena said...

I love the last photo! So much enthusiasm in that picture :)

Umesh Leelasena said...

I love the last photo, so much enthusiasm captured in it :) Brilliant photography!