Monday, December 14, 2009

Indoor Cricket

I’m not a fan of Cricket except for watching those 20 over matches. Udara asked me whether I’m interested of playing some indoor cricket. He has already booked the Indoor cricket court at Austasia and invited myself and my brother to come with them. Me and my brother were on our way for something else and luckily it finished early. So we came to Austasia.

Playing Indoor Cricket at Austasia

Indoor cricket is something different to outdoor version of cricket we know. The rules are totally upside down. However playing indoor cricket for 2 hours is quite a workout.

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Anonymous said...

indoor cricket is definitely not lik the normal version off cricket that we see on tv.. i just started playin indoor cricket two weeks back and it is awesome fun.. but the problem arises after you finish playin the match.. i with played two matches back to back and the next day i wasn't even able to get up from my bed bcos of body pain.. but if u excide this part indoor cricket is a awesome game to play..