Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dinner Cruise

On my second day at Thailand (3rd June 2009), while we were going on this city tour, the tour guide asked whether we are interested on going to Dream World and some Nature Park and a Dinner Cruise. I personally liked the Dream World as it involves lot of games we don’t see in Sri Lanka. But the problem was it takes the whole day and unfortunately for me my sister didn’t like since she wanted to do more and more shopping. The next option was the Nature Park (an open Zoo or something) again the time was the problem. So we were left with the only option which was also the most expensive of all 3, the “Dinner Cruise”.

My first guess was it’s not worth the price, but seriously it’s totally worth for that price. On 4th June 2009 we were taken to this place where we have to get in the boat. At that point only I realized a grand dinner on a big boat size of a super Yacht with all the singing and is just perfect for anyone. For me it’s my first experience like that. The rivers in Thailand are wide enough for a big boat to travel, there were many as 20 big boats like in one section of the river alone. We got onboard the boat and went to our table on the upper deck. Soon the boat started to move along the river and the singers started to sing. The view by the river is just wonderful; there were many hotels and other skyscrapers built near the river. The upper deck had an open area so we could see the beauty of Bangkok from there.

The Boat

The Buffet

Dining tables on the boat

Buffet of the another Boat

The Buffet

The Singer

The 2 hours I spent on that boat was amazing, if we had something similar in Colombo it would be another attraction point for the tourists.

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